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From San Diego to Kelowna

Rachel and her husband own an outdoor fitness program in San Diego called San Diego Core Fitness. With the help of incredible trainers, they have kept ther business open but have moved to Kelowna.

Rachel’s family has traveled frequently to Kelowna for the last ten years. It’s growing fast but is still small to her. She loves the community, the lake and the town, and has wanted to move here for years. With the birth of her daughter it seemed like the right time to settle into a place that would be raising her daughter and growing her family. Lucky for Kelowna, Rachel made the move and is ready to get training.

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British Columbia is known for its great trainers and outdoor fitness programs. Rachel developed a new style of outdoor exercise classes in San Diego that helped her grow her business into the biggest outdoor boot camp program in the downtown area. That’s no small feat in  a huge fitness market like southern California. She is excited to bring her unique style here to Kelowna where she hopes to find the same success.

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Different cities offer different opportunities. Rachel is determined to create a program that is primarily outdoors but can be done year round. For this reason she will be integrating in-person outdoor training with live virtual classes. This way her clients can stay consistent with their training no matter what the season or where they may be.

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Rachel was born in Cranbrook and raised in Vancouver. As a native to British Columbia she has a good sense of the community and people of Kelowna. Her approach is to bring people together in small groups around shared goals, preferred training style and fitness level. She oversaw large classes in San Diego but is more interested in training smaller, private groups that are able to motivate and keep each other accountable. She believes this style of small group fitness will be more successful here in Kelowna. 

Rainy Day Bootcamp

A rare rainy day boot camp in San Diego still atracts some clients who will endure the damp.

Success in San Diego

Rachel ran the biggest boot camp program in a very competitive San Diego fitness market.

You Can Do More

Lot’s of people come to Rachel unable to do a simple push up. A couple weeks with her and you’ll be doing declines.

Fitness Instruction

Rachel’s exercises are unique and effective but she is also able to convey her instructions so everyone knows what to do.


Arizona State University

Tempe, AZ

B.S. Dietetics

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Metro Toronto, ON

Certified Holistic Nutritionist

CoreFit BootCamps

San Diego, CA

Certified Master Trainer

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Bringing Her San Diego Fitness Style to Kelowna!

In order to break into the fitness industry in the very crowded San Diego Outdoor Bootcamp market she had to be an innovator and create something different than what was the current industry standard. She proved successful, and along with her husband, built the biggest outdoor fitness bootcamp program in San Diego. She wants to bring her unique and successful training style Kelowna but with a Canadian twist. She will need to adapt it to the seasons and a smaller, more community oriented town.


Rachel is excited to be in Kelowna!

If you pay attention you will often see her hiking up Knox Mountain 3 or 4 times a week with her husband and daughter or heading through Waterfront Park towards Bernard shopping for coffee and some of that great Okanagan Sourdough from Bliss. She is looking forward to meeting new people and getting more involved with the local fitness community.

Favorite Hikes

Because of access and intensity, Rachel’s favorite hike is Knox Mountain. There are 4 different routes she hikes on a weekly basis. If you don’t find her somewhere between Paul’s Tomb and the disc golf course you will see her scrambling up the stairs at the top of the Apex Trail.

What's in the background?

Rachel prefers to be outside, even when she’s livestreaming her class. You may see Kelowna or Shuswap in the background depending on the time of year and weather.

Favorite Food?

You’d think that as a dietitian she might have this super healthy single go-to dish that she enjoys. That is not the case. Her favorite food is burrito! Mostly vegetarian, bean and cheese style with lots of hot sauce. She prepares them in bulk every few days. 

Looking forward to building a new community group fitness program that encourages use of local outdoor spaces and seasonal food.

Rachel and her husband fell in love with Kelowna because of the incredible parks and open spaces the city provides. You can be on a trail on Knox Mountain and feel like you are relatively alone and just a mile away enjoy an outdoor concert in a metropolitan center with every type of restaruant and and little shop you could need nearby. Her fitness ethos encourages outdoor training whenever the opportunity arises. Even when instructing virtually she designs the program to be taken outdoors.

What My Clients Say


San Diego Core Fitness is run by Justin and Rachel.   They do an amazing job of creating an assortment of different and challenging classes.  The classes are for everybody.  It doesn’t matter if you are grossly out of shape or a seasoned athlete, these bootcamp classes will not cease to challenge you.

– Alec D.


Rachel, teaches some of the TOUGHEST most cardio-riffic classes I’ve ever tried. Not only do I feel strong and amazing after every workout, I’ve also made some of the best friends of my life at bootcamp. We are all dedicated to the same thing and get to bond every morning before we each go off to do our own thing. It’s seriously like workout soup for the soul. I LOVE these classes and highly suggest people try them and be consistent. You will feel and see a difference in your body and mind.

– Danielle B.

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