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We love good food, how it tastes and how it makes us feel. Everyone has unique dietary needs, some want to reduce pain and inflammation, others want to lose weight. Whatever your nutritional needs are we take the time to assess your personal situation and provide you with the best tasting most manageable way towards reaching your goals.

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Hi, There!

I’m Rachel.

I like to get to know my clients personally and nutritionally. When you start nutrition coaching with me we begin with a Total Body Systems Analysis. This is an analysis designed by the Canadian School of Holistic Nutrition to understand where you may have some dietary imbalances. This lets me know you nutritionally, then I like to get to know you personally, understand your lifestyle and how we can collaberate on a healthy eating plan for you that will make you happy, satiated and ready to thrive!


My philosphy is that you don’t need to sacrifice taste for healthy food, especially here in the Okanagan. The right ingredients don’t just enhance the flavor of food but contribute to an incredible nutritional profile in every meal. My husband is a great chef and with my background in diatetics we create recipes that aren’t just great tasting and tailored to your needs but pack an extra nutritional punch. We fortifie each custom recipe with nutritionally rich ingredients. You shouldn’t struggle with what you eat, it should make you feel great and you should enjoy it too. Show yourself some love and treat your body to food that truly nourishes it.




Nutrition is very personal as it is the building blocks of who we are. We all have different tastes and different needs during the day. I try to incorporate these differences into every plan. I can meet with your fitcrew and you can follow a crew plan or we can do a separate plan your just you.

Family Nutrition

Whether you want to improve the quality of food for your whole family or learn how to manage your own diet while cooking for others. I am here to work through the complexities of eating and cooking with your family. If you are just starting your family I offer great options for moms-to-be and new moms who want to nourish themselves the best way possible.

Virtual Consults

I am here in Kelowna but I generally meet people in an online interactive appointment. This allows me to have all my tools available to me and I see greater consistency in attendance when we meet online. I am available to meet in person at Waterfront Park from time-to-time as well.


We are often lead astray by quick fix diet plans that we think are helping us feel and look a certain way. Most one-size-fits-all programs don’t exactly fit everyone. Extreme forms of eating often throw our hormones out of balance and can affect our moods and desire to stay healthy. Succeeding at eating right isn’t just the result on the scale, it’s about how eating makes you feel, how you feel about yourself and if those two things are moving you in a positive direction.


Your tummy is a balance of bacteria and acids. I have found that resetting the bacterial balance in your gut microbiota improves digestion and healthy body composition. I’ve done my research and have found that my gut instinct was right (pun intented) and short term juice cleanses can bring bacterial balance back to your digestive system. I speciallize and administering this type of short cleanse.


I received my certificate of Holistic Nutrition from the Canadian School of Holistic Nutrition and have found that with my education in dietetics from Arizona State, the combination of both a western medical approach and holistic approach give me all the tools I need to give my clients the best personalized nutrition plan possible. While weight loss is often the biproduct of healthy eating, our primary goal is optimal health, energy and decreased inflammation throughout your body.

Custom Meal Plans Perfectly for You And Your Fitcrew.


I specialize in short juice cleanses. Recent research shows that doing a 3 day fast with a specific type of cold pressed, non pasturized juice will reduce inflammation, increase the beneficial bacteria in your gut and decrease the bacteria associated with obesity. Starting your new nutritional lifestyle with a 3 day juice cleanse not only resets the balance of bacteria in your gut but it helps us reprogram your eating habits. Intermittent fasting and short cleanses along with recommended exercise can reduce your desire for sugary and fatty foods and literally make you crave healthier foods.

We aren’t advocates of extreme diets or regular longterm fasts and cleanses but we do follow the science and have found that there are holistc ways to beat your cravings and set your body and gut up for success in the longterm.

“Food is the essence of life, all the way from the cellular level where it is the building material for our very thoughts, to the touch of the fruit to your lips; never doubt that what you eat contributes the the very fibre of who you are.”


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