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Your Fitcrew, Your Crew Mates!

Rachel Fassio

Rachel Fassio


Rachel seeds fitcrews with monthly Fit Missions and Challenges to be completed at local parks, trails and with your fitcrew. This is a free service to anyone signed up to the Crew Club.

Let’s Get Together and Feel Alright

At the heart of your Kelowna Fit experience is our Crew Club forum. The forum is a private social media site that exists only for Kelowna Fit and it’s Crew Club Members. The information stops with us.

You will see Topics and Fitcrews in the forum. The topics are provided for discussion for the whole club. As a Crew Club member you may be interested in some of the topics that address resources specific to Kelowna.

The fitcrews are either public or private. A public fitcrew indicates it is open to new members, a private fitcrew has reached it’s chosen capacity between 2-6 crewmates and is working towards it’s shared goals.

A fitcrew will have three components: a general theme, regularly scheduled time(s) and day(s) that it meets and a stated goal. These three items give your fitcrew a common fitness interest, a mutually agreable schedule and a shared goal to work towards.

Your fitcrew forum, if private, is closed to you and your fitcrew with one exception, Rachel. All fitcrews are mentored by Rachel and seeded with monthly fit missions and challenges. If your fitcrew has fitness or nutrition questions, Rachel will be able to answer them and will moderate any false information she sees. 

Rachel believes in sound, time tested training principals and scientifically based nutrition plans. There are no quick fixes or one size fits all programs. You have to commit to your plan and communicate with your fitcrew to keep on track.



  • 2 fitcrew mates just $79.50 each monthly 50% 50%
  • 3 fitcrew mates just $53 each monthly 33% 33%
  • 4 fitcrew mates just $39.75 each monthly 25% 25%
  • 5 fitcrew mates just $31.80 each monthly 20% 20%
  • 6 fitcrew mates just $26.50 each monthly 15% 15%

Rachel can train you live online in a virtual session or in-person at Knox Mountain Park. There are benefits to both. Virtual sessions can be recorded and repeated as many times as you like before your next training session with her. In-person sessions are more traditional, trainer led classes where she motivates you to perform at you highest capacity. Either way, you will get a great training session in.

Rachel will design a workout around a park near you where your fitcrew can meet up. She can instruct your fitcrew virtually, then your crew can download the video on your phones and follow along in the designated park. 

The workout will be designed for the park and will utilize features in the park such as sloping hills, benches, steps and rails to increase intensity and make for an interesting and dynamic workout.

Hybrid Classes

Your fitcrew can schedule both in-person and live, online classes with Rachel.

Pricing Options

1. Live Virtual 2x’s/mo

Train with Rachel every other week in a 30 minute live virtual small group private session. The class is recorded to be repeated a prescribed amount of times before your next scheduled session.

2. Virtual & In Person 4x’s/mo

Train with Rachel once a week either in live virtual sessions or in person at Knox Mountain park.

3. Virtual & In Person 8x’s/mo

Train with Rachel twice a week either in person or virtually depending on the weather and what helps your fitcrew stay consistent.

Small Group Fitness

Step 1

Create your free Crew Club account. Browse the topics and fitcrews to get a sense of our program. It is a social media platform but it is private to Crew Club Members only and is entirely moderated by Kelowna Fit. We don’t allow for bullying or disinformation. Our mission is to provide everyone with a safe place that distrubutes scientfically researched information to reach their health and fitness.

Step 2

Add a fitcrew of your own or ask to join a public fitcrew still accepting crew mates.

Fitcrews will have 3 elements:

    • A fitness theme that binds them as a group.
    • A day and time that they can generally get together online or in person.
    • A collective goal.
Home Page Knox Mountain

Step 3

Launch your fitcrew! Now that you have created or are apart of a fitcrew, as a group you choose 1 of 3 PRO options and then share the monthly cost. You can go live with up to 6 crew mates. The published fee is split between the number of people you go live with. No tricks or hidden fees, we do charge cc processing but that is very small.

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There are many benefits to a cost sharing fitness model. Finding a group of people to motivate and keep you accountable to your fitness and health goals. Being a part of a bigger fitness community that trains on fitness principals based on rigorous scientific study. Getting the benefit of high end personal training at a group class rate. 

These are just some of the reasons we created the Kelowna Fit Crew Club forum. We also wanted a space that was away from the distraction of facebook and Instagram where we could discuss local resources and places and you could take advantage of this information without it getting lost in a sea of converstations. We look forward to growing our fitness community with you and your fitcrew.